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Rapper/actor Drake dropped by the Chelsea Lately show on Tuesday evening (November 22) in promotion for his latest album. The Take Care artist talked about his love for white wine, fellow Jewish rappers and when he first met Lil Wayne.

When asked about his music and sharing awkward moments with a woman he’s written a song about:

————— Drake: I guess the thing is I’m very honest in my music, so it can make for an awkward room…

Chelsea: I totally understand, but usually if you write a song about someone and you’re still hanging out with that person, it’s probably a pretty good song and fairly positive about that person?

Drake: Yeah. Sort of. Or you just sort of have a relapse issue with exes…
Chelsea: Oh, you have one of those problems? You’re not able to cut the cord?
Drake: Sometimes. I guess. Sort of. I think I have issues letting go, maybe? Maybe I’m discovering it right now and this actually isn’t a talk show. It’s a therapy session. [laughs] —————

Speaking of music, Drake’s Take Care album is at the #1 spot for his first week of album sales, with a whopping total of 659,190 units sold. That makes his album the 3rd highest selling album in 2011. Congratulations to him!

Watch: Drake on Chelsea Lately

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