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The world had mixed feelings about the musical reunion of singers Chris Brown and Rihanna on their new remixed singles, Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” and Chris’s “Turn Up the Music”. “Birthday Cake” producer/songwriter The Dream spoke with Rapfix about how the collaboration went down and dished on who came up with the surprising idea to reunite the former couple on a track. In all honesty, he was shocked himself:

“I remember her [Rihanna] mentioning it. At the end of the day, she’s my friend, so whatever she wants to do is whatever she wants to do [...] I was in the car actually in Miami and driving. And she was like, ‘What’s up? I think I’m gonna put Chris on it.’ I was like, ‘I don’t know which Chris you talkin’ about, I know you’re ain’t talking about the Chris you’re talking about [but] OK, cool, whatever you say.’ She didn’t say anything else about it and it happened. Just like that.

She’s pretty smart too. The same questions that went through my mind, and I’m an artist also, had to have gone through hers. I know she’s not crazy. So my thought was, ‘You’ve been thinking about this. You’ve already thought it out, so evidently you know what reaction you’re gonna get.’” [Source]

At the end of the day, The Dream says it all boils down to forgiveness: “Don’t say you know how to forgive when you don’t,” he warned. “Everybody knows what took place, cool. Have the power to really forgive if that’s what it is. If not, stay on that side of the fence from the beginning.”

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