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Wendy Williams Chimes In On Chris Brown And Rihanna Again [Video]

UE Radio Live February 24, 2012 News No Comments

The Wendy Williams Show: Wendy Says How Chris Brown Could Win People Over

Wendy Williams said it was important to separate music from the idea of a romantic relationship in the case of Chris Brown and Rihanna. She also said that Rihanna is too young to get back together with Chris Brown. Further, she advised Chris on how he could win people over.

Video courtesy of BET.

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  • But Wendy…

    Why haven’t you addressed that open letter that was written to you by Janet Hubert (Aunt Vivian from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air show) about you and Whitney Houston’s REAL relationship?


  • Cause Janet Hubert is a non-mutha-fu@ factor bish!

  • oh wendy shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Who in the F does this tranny think she is to tell agrown person they are too young for relationship? Rihanna will do what the heck she pleases and be done. Its the media making this more than what it truly is. Then need to get off the drugs and start reporting real news.

  • wendy is the non-m-effin factor. she’s not going to answer Janet Hubert’s letter, there’s nothing she can say. Janet Hubert is 100% right. With this being said, Wendy’s days are numbered. Her 15 min are up1

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